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Bare Essentials: Bras - Third Edition

Bare Essentials: Bras - Third Edition

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Bare Essentials: Bras - Third Edition

Construction and Pattern Drafting for Lingerie Design

Written By: Jennifer Lynne Matthews-Fairbanks
Paperback 282 pages
Published July 2019

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What a comprehensive resource for drafting and construction. A wealth of information at an affordable price. The third edition of this book introduces the Porcelynne Pattern Drafting and Manipulation Method. This method is a mathematical approach to determining measurements for bra drafting. Jennifer Fairbanks approaches pattern manipulation and design unlike previous methods. Developing the methods used in this book was challenging but thorough, resulting in a valuable manual for bra making. The third edition of Bare Essentials: Bras integrates drafting for torso shape and height. Individuals of any size and shape can learn to draft a custom bra to fit.

The Bare Essentials series is an invaluable resource for anyone entering into the field of lingerie design. This volume summarizes the basics of bra design, from sewing and construction to drafting and pattern grading. Supported with clearly understood illustrations, the book introduces these subjects in a manageable capacity for both the novice and experienced seamstress.

Bare Essentials is organized into three main sections based on the complexities of the information provided. Included in this book are patterns for sizes 30A through 40F.

What you will learn:
• Construction methods using elastics and stretch fabrics
• Manipulation of basic patterns
• Pattern drafting from measurements
• Sloper creation and complex pattern manipulation
• Developing grade rules and grading patterns

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Joke B. on May 27, 2021

I purchased this book half a year ago as a newbie to bra making and I am super happy with it. Apparently, I have a bit of an unusual shape. So I decided to buy this book, to be able to draft something according to my measurements. The drafting process is well described with one picture for each step. I only found it a bit confusing, that all of a sudden the term "horizontal measurement" and "vertical measurement" were replaced by "horizontal bust diameter" and "vertical bust diameter”. (My only point of criticism.) For my basic bra pattern, I only needed to make one tiny adjustment and now I have incredibly well fitting bras! :D I already had great fun experimenting with my sloper to create different cup designs. Here, the online calculator provided on this website is a BIG help. The whole book is extraordinarily thought out -providing an online calculator tool and even considering nursing bras and people with prosthetic breasts. It is clear that this book was not only written by somebody who knows her métier, but by someone who knows how to pass her knowledge as well. English isn’t my mother tongue, but I had no problems understanding the instructions on drafting and sewing whatsoever. As a beginner I highly recommend this books. It’s a great resource of knowledge to have access to right from the start. Some people on the internet say, the maths in this book is complicated, but using the online calculator you don’t need to calculate anything yourself. In my opinion this book is much more valuable than what you pay for it. Greetings from Germay!

Ivy P. on Mar 1, 2020

The best bra drafting book i have read. Its in depth in the content including not only drafting but construction with clear illustrations, pattern manipulation for multiple styles, sample patterns for practice and sloper manipulation. Plus grading and computer drafting for those who want that information. Clear concise directions can't ask for a better book on bra drafting. Plus its priced so its affordable for most people.

Anne B. on Jul 30, 2019

I bought this book right when it came out. I struggled with finding the right size in patterns (I'm a EUR 90J or K) so I was excited to draft with my exact measurements. The pattern drafting chapters are well-explained and well-illustrated. For someone like me, who has never drafted anything, it's a challenge to get all the steps right from the beginning. It took me a few tries, but once I've achieved that, I was amazed by the fit of the trial bra. I think it fits me better than all the bras I own - combined. I'm so grateful I found a method that works for me. This is exactly the boost I used since I made bra after bra and thought I would have to 'settle' for a non perfect fit. Hell, I didn't even know what a perfect fit looked like on me! Not only do I know now, I can also draft one myself. I'm amazed.

Jane R. on Jul 8, 2019

I've been so excited since doing some testing of the drafting instructions and would have bought the book just for those chapters. But WOW! The book has EVERYTHING, bralets, backless, strapless, nursing bras, front closures, mastectomy bras, asymmetry... all covered. I'm blown away. For total beginners, the book comes complete with a range of patterns from 30A to 40F, through pattern drafting and pattern manipulation for one off, individually drafted custom bras of *any* size (I'm a UK rtw 30JJ) to the use of CAD software to draw and grade patterns the book is perfect for all levels of experience. Step by step, clear, easy to follow, colour instructions, the book will guide you on which fabrics to use, drafting with negative ease to account for the stretch of elastics and corrections of fit to ensure you get the bra of your dreams.