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Long Vertical Underwire - Heavy Gauge Wires

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Wow! These underwires are the best I have ever used or found anywhere in my many years of bra wearing and in my endeavors of bra making. Just finished a bra this week, and tried the ‘Long Vertical Underwire’ for the first time. Had to snip off just a tad at the underarm end, which, given the heavy duty nature of these wires, was no easy task. My husband was able to get the job done with heavy duty wire cutters. After the plastidip dried on the cut end, and I tried on my new bra, I was quite impressed with the difference that this heavy duty, vertical underwire made to the fit of my bra. These are the only underwires I’ will use going forward. Thank you so much for carrying these wonderful wires!
Andrea F. 06/30/2020