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Bare Essentials: Bras - Third Edition

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I've been so excited since doing some testing of the drafting instructions and would have bought the book just for those chapters.
But WOW! The book has EVERYTHING, bralets, backless, strapless, nursing bras, front closures, mastectomy bras, asymmetry... all covered.
I'm blown away. For total beginners, the book comes complete with a range of patterns from 30A to 40F, through pattern drafting and pattern manipulation for one off, individually drafted custom bras of *any* size (I'm a UK rtw 30JJ) to the use of CAD software to draw and grade patterns the book is perfect for all levels of experience.
Step by step, clear, easy to follow, colour instructions, the book will guide you on which fabrics to use, drafting with negative ease to account for the stretch of elastics and corrections of fit to ensure you get the bra of your dreams.