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Wide Flat Vertical Underwire - Heavy Gauge Wires

Wide Flat Vertical Underwire - Heavy Gauge Wires

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THESE ARE NOT REPLACEMENT WIRES. This is a new style wire exclusive of Porcelynne. We developed this style to accommodate different shaped breasts. The size recommendations are based on feedback by customers. These are flatter on the bottoms by about 1" and more upright on the ends. These are nylon coated underwires. The colored ends indicate the center front of the bra.

Here is a video we created explaining a little about our vertical flat wires: An Introduction to Underwires and the New Vertical Flat Underwire

Wire Sizes Approximate Wire Lengths Approximate Wire Widths
44 9 7/16"/240mm 5 3/4"
46 10 1/32"/255mm 6"
48 10 5/8"/270mm 6 1/2"
50 11 7/32"/285mm 6 3/4"
52 11 13/16"/300mm 7"
54 12 13/32"/315mm 7 1/2"
56 13"/330mm 7 3/4"
58 13 19/32"/345mm 8"
60 14 5/32"/360mm 8 1/4"
62 14 3/4"/375mm 8 1/2"
64 15 11/32"/390mm 9"

You can download our wire chart to compare sizes.


Beatrice F. on Nov 12, 2020

I was amazed at how fast I received my order! Now I can adjust my pattern to fit these underware. The size is exactly what I needed. Using the downloadable size chart help me pick out the right size for me.

Patricia C. on Jun 29, 2020

I agree with other reviewers. The flat shape is great, but the legs are too short. I put these in a petite size bra that normally takes a 44 regular wire, and they were an inch too short on each side. I had to go up two sizes to a 48.

Deb S. on Nov 22, 2019

Even after ordering the wrong size, I can tell that these are going to fit me better than any other underwire I have tired. I am very excited to get my order of my correct size. Thank you for realizing that breasts that have seen a few babies are different.

Anne B. on Jul 30, 2019

I've ordered a bunch of wires, from all over the world. I never seemed to find a wire that fit ME, until I found these. They are super strong, great quality, and they don't slide down on me or poke me in the armpit. I'll never use other ones again!

Dani A. on Nov 11, 2017

These wires are absolutely great for me. I have recommended them to all my friends who alter bras. They are sturdy and supportive, without being too hard and painful. I can once again wear bras comfortably: they don't ride down or dig into my stomach, which is fantastic. I wear size UK 40JJ in RTW bras and I have replaced all the wires in my favorite bras with these wires in size 56. I have a very serious omega shape and the only problem I have with these wires is sizing down to get the right width I end up with wires that are quite short at the gore and sides, and they sometimes dig in to my side underarm fat and sternum, especially on bras with tighter bands. I would love to see keep this wire in this height for plunge bras and a slightly taller height for those of us who are omega shaped! P.S. I normally wear size 48 or 50 in regular vertical wires.

Melissa E. on Jun 10, 2017

I think this wire works very well for my omega shape and my short torso.

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