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Wholesale Information

Wholesale Information

The wholesale website is a completely separate website from our retail website and our course website. New accounts are required. The wholesale website also requires an approval process. For businesses located in the US, you must provide us with a copy of your seller's permit or resale certificate from your state. If your state does not require this, please contact us for special consideration. For businesses located in the UK and EU, you must provide us with a valid VAT number for importing into your country. You will be responsible for paying all related customs and VAT fees on the receiving end. For businesses located in any other country, please respond to the account creation email to request account activation. Prices are only visible when you are registered on our website, approved and logged in.

There is a $100 minimum for all purchases on our wholesale website, or a $10 low order fee will be assessed.

There are advantages and disadvantages to our wholesale website. The biggest advantage is our low minimums for discounts, whether you are purchasing for resale, classes you teach or are purchasing for your own business. The disadvantages include no free shipping option, no accrual of reward points and no affiliate program. You can still register as an affiliate on our retail website to earn revenue for your business.

You can download our catalog or order a printed copy during the checkout process.